Zoom Share Screen Not Working, how to fix screen sharing

By | March 4, 2021

We all have to agree that zoom has been a boon to the application world. In this hour of problematic scenarios where maximum people have been suffering through lack of communication, zoom application has come forward and provided its valuable services to the world that too free of cost. People have been using Zoom Share Screen for presentations and other purposes as well. Because of these features, people have been using zoom extensively for communication with their colleagues and other people.

Zoom Share Screen

Zoom Share Screen Not Working

There are salient features in zoom application because of which zoom application has become famous within months between all types of office going, students and other individuals who need to stay connected in the real world. Because of this particular type of function people use zoom applications to share their screen for a better understanding of the discussion. This results in providing major problems for a lot of people. Therefore, we are going to provide a basic way of how to fix the zoom share screen working by using basic steps.

Feature of Zoom screen sharing’

While using your cell phones or your operating systems-based laptops or desktop, you always plan to share your screen for the sole purpose of realizing or providing a better understanding of the topic you people gave been discussing on Zoom Share Screen. Whenever you are in a meeting using zoom application you can use the application and provide the following details:

  1. Screen sharing of entire desktop or mobile phone.
  2. Can multitask and share screens of one or more applications.
  3. If you are using any whiteboard you can show that too.
  4. Any video which is locally stored in your cell phone or any video can be opened through an OTG connection.
  5. You can share content from your phone’s camera as well. On Zoom Share Screen

How to fix the problem of the screen sharing option not working

To share your screen, you need to make sure that you have taken the following steps:

  1. Check-in your meeting controls that you have clicked in the share screen option.
  2. Select one screen at a time rather than going for multiple screens this will help you to stay focused.
  3. You can also share a portion of your screen by cropping the presentation.
  4. You can share audio and video separately therefore try to share it together rather than muting.
  5. Pause and sharing piton sometimes create problems for the user therefore check it properly.

These things sometimes create a problem for the user which leads to a lack of working of the screen sharing option of the application on Zoom Share Screen.

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Although there is multiple application which is providing online video calling and chatting option with screen sharing option as well. Button’s other application has been providing facilities like this in the long run. That too free. But still, applications like Zoom even have glitches in the zoom screen sharing option. Therefore, these applications have been keeping a track of updates for the sake of a better userbase.

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